Mortise and Tenon

summer_house8Mortise and Tenon Joinery

Traditional mortise and tenon joinery is an ancient building technique that has a widespread history. Craftsmen have used wood and the simple mortise and tenon joint as the basis for creating the structural framework of homes, barns, great halls, cathedrals and temples around the world for centuries.

Evidence of this style can still be seen standing today throughout Europe, North America and Asia with scores of buildings over 500 years old, proving that this tried and tested method of fastening large timbers has stood the test of time.

There are still two 7th century post and beam buildings still standing in Myanmar, Burma and in Japan  connected using this method. The oldest example in the UK (which is still in use) is an 11th/12th century Stave Church at Greenstead in Essex. This method with its large number of joinery options offers the greatest range of joinery and finishing details.

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