Gazebo in Mapua

Gazebo, Mapua

Timberworks has designed and built a couple of Post and Beam gazebos as a mini show-homes for various exhibitions.  These were designed to be less than 10sqm so that they can be built without the need and expense of building consent.  Ideal for spa pool, garden, park setting or similar.  This one was sold on as a outdoor seating area.

Wedding Gazebo, Hanmer Hotel

Wedding Gazebo, Hanmer Hotel

The designer’s brief here was to create a Gazebo to provide the Hotel with a suitable structure to host weddings.  Simple in design, the quality materials like the Macrocarpa Post and Beam frame and the cedar shingles give it a timeless quality and provide a perfect backdrop for photos. A combination of hidden and exposed steel connections were used, countersunk and painted black.

Have a look for yourselves, the Gazebo is situated in the back gardens of the Heritage Hotel in Hanmer.