Feature Roof Truss Designs

Feature Roof Trusses Rectangular Roof Truss at Gracefield Spa

Adding two or more feature roof trusses, thereby creating extra height to the ceiling, is a fantastic and cost effective way to add value and character to your build.

There are many different styles of feature truss, with each design having specific characteristics which work well in particular situations.  The choice of truss will partly depend upon design requirements; eg: provision of extra headroom where building height is restricted, spanning a large room, incorporation of a mezzanine level etc. Equally important, however, is how the trusses and resulting rooms will look and that of course comes down to personal taste.

Timberworks have crafted countless trusses over the past 13 years and the gallery pages of the website show many examples of these.  The overall finish and feel of each building varies enormously from the very warm, cosy, quite traditional atmosphere achieved where the ceiling is lined in timber to a more contemporary look with pale, plastered walls and ceilings.

The spa pool area in the photo to the right is particularly striking and quite modern in its finish with rectangular trusses, minimalist furnishing and white walls.

Below is a selection of the truss styles that Timberworks offer. Click on the image or title for more details and photos: